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About us - Medical Cannabis Seed Bank UK

Welcome to Medical Canabis Seedbank

"With the expansiveness that occurs with marijuana, the subject may begin to notice infinite possibilities to raise the quality of his/her life that would otherwise have remained hidden from normal, defensive consciousness. And feelings of health and happiness naturally lead to hope, which of itself can be curative." - Joan Bello

Since all types of cannabis can be used medicinally many people choose to use a combination of different strains, depending on their situation. New CBD-rich strains can offer medicinal effects without the 'high' gained from THC, although research indicates a need to combine the two sets of chemicals to maximise their potential effect. The ‘high’ effects of Sativa strains make them a better choice for medicinal use during the day, when alertness is desirable. In the same way, the relaxing effects of Indica varieties often make them more suitable for evening and night-time use. Hybrid strains can offer the best of both worlds to many patients but may be less suitable for others. Pain reliever, anti-emetic, anti-convulsant, appetite enhancer, muscle relaxant: the beneficial effects of Medical Marijuana are being better understood all the time

. With so much research into the genetics and effects of each cannabis strain being carried out, and with new ones being designer bred all the time, it seems one can find a breed of cannabis to alleviate almost any medical condition or set of symptoms. To help find the most appropriate medicinal strains for your needs use the filters in this category to view all the indica, sativa or hybrid cannabis varieties recommended for medicinal use on one page. Alternatively, select your condition or symptom from the list and choose from the specially selected medical marijuana seeds.



Cannabis appears to be blossoming into its previous status, one of prestige, respect and recognition. As hard as it may be to believe, cannabis was once utilised for a plethora of reasons from industrial fibre and food to medicine, before a relatively recent period of vilification and prohibition based propaganda campaigns. However, certain regions of the world, including several states within the United States of America, are beginning to relax their stance on cannabis, allowing users freedom in terms of both medical and recreational use. Yet this change in policy allows for much more than merely smoking this majestic herb.

Many entrepreneurs are realising the multifaceted nature of cannabis, including the fact that the herb bears extremely potent medicinal properties. Cannabis affects the human body in some profound and interesting way and, for this reason, many businesses are investing in the idea of cannabis as a product that may indeed revolutionise the health and wellness industry. From skincare and foods to organic growing methods and tonics, cannabis seems to be the ultimate replacement for many different alternatives on the market, made possible due to its recently granted freedom. Let’s take a look at certain areas of this industry that cannabis is impacting.


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Discrete delivery is a must when it comes to delivering cannabis goods.